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Bandcamp for TR Records

We are pleased to announce the bandcamp shop opening for our label TR Records heck the link : Click Here

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Kerri Chandler at METI – Nasa Project

One of my lifelong dreams since I was a child has come true. I am very excited to be part of of the Advisory Council of METI International. So many branches, I can’t wait to meet and work with in the group from NASA, SETI and all the other contributors working toward understanding of our planet. Thank you, Doug for the Nomination and the Directors for having me on the team. I am truly humbled.
With Love, Respect and Admiration. Kerri

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Kenny Carpenter presents his new label KC records

I have learned and experienced so much after being in the music business for four decades and now I’d like to share some of that knowledge with the world.  This is the reason why I’ve decided to launch KC Recordings it’s my new venture with the help of KNM team. Hope you enjoy the music I will be selecting for you.

6 April 2017 Beatport  Book  DJ  Music Read more

Ralf Gum Joins KNM-MUSIC for the Italian Territory

Ralf Gum has been booked the first time from us in the 90’s as a new comer and from there he made it to the top of his style we are all very exited to have him in our roster exclusively for Italy.

16 July 2016 DJ  Music Read more

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